3(F) Squadron Association

3(F) Squadron Association is the official former comrades association of No. 3(Fighter) Squadron, Royal Air Force.  Membership of the Association is open to those of all Ranks, Trades and Services who have ever been posted, or attached to the Squadron strength at any time since its formation on 13 May 1912.  For membership form Click Here .

Aims of 3(F) Squadron Association:

  • To foster the spirit and comradeship founded during service with No. 3 (F) Squadron
  • To provide means of maintaining contact with former colleagues
  • To nurture and encourage the special relationship between the Squadron and its Association
  • To locate and preserve any document, photograph or information which will enhance the official Squadron history.
  • For further details on the history of the association, either navigate via the About 3(F) Sqn  tab or click here

Please see Reunion 2016 under News Update for the latest on that event.

† Sad to announce that Wg Cdr Ted Sparrow passed away on 18th April at age 94. Ted was a well known member of the Association and often wrote long, detailed letters about his time on 3 Sqn during the war. These were the basis of articles in Three’s Company.  The funeral has taken place.

Please see News Update – 2016 Reunion and Sonic Booms





An enamel Poppy badge is available. See ‘Merchandise’

The  CO’s (Wg Cdr Chris Moon) page is under ‘About 3(F) Sqn and the Association’.

This web site is designed to be informative and a point of reference for all association members, if you as an association member would like to see a particular item added to the site please contact the web-master, to contact him click here.