Association Regalia

3(F) Sqn Association Regalia for Sale

The following items are available to order in the range:

  1. Fleece £22
  2. Sweatshirt £18
  3. Polo Shirt £16
  4. T Shirt £14
  5. Base Ball Cap £8

The main colour is bottle green. Should any one wish to order any of the Items listed above then please contact the Treasurer Dave Ellis at (or see below). These items are manufactured to order, and there will be a long lead time from ordering.

Items available in stock are:

1. Squadron Tie Black with Green Strip £11:00

2. 6 books ‘Three’s Company’ (£10 each)

3. 37 lapel badges (£3 each)

4. One medium sweatshirt @ £14

5. Mouse mats @ £3 each

Or please write to Dave at:

24 Oak Road

Tel: 01733 253360


Embroidered Badge on Regalia