Battle Honours

As shown in the Badge, Honours and Origins by Mary Denton for the R.A.F. Heraldry Trust.
Blazon:  On a grey monolith a Cockatrice sage-green and dark pink [Upper and Lower respectively] armed combed and wattled Gules [Red]
After approval, signed by King George VI and issued September 1937.
The cockatrice was chosen because in mythology it was the first creature to fly.

World War 1 World War 2
Western Front* 1914-1918 France & The Low Countries 1940
Mons* Battle of Britain* 1940
Neuve Chapelle Home Defence 1940-1945
Loos Fortress Europe 1942-1944
Somme 1916 Channel & North Sea 1943-1945
Cambrai 1917 Normandy* 1944
Somme* 1918 Arnhem*
Hindenburg Line Rhine
France & Germany* 1944-1945
Post World War 2
Iraq* 2003
Items marked with * are shown on the Squadron Standard

The 3 (Fighter) Squadron Standard showing the Battle Honours