100th Anniversary Model

100th Anniversary Model – Boxkite and Typhoon

100th Anniverary Model

This Anniversary model is a Limited Edition of 100 and is available ONLY to personnel currently serving with No.3(F) Squadron and members of the No.3(F) Squadron Association ordered on, or before, the final qualifying date of 13th May 2012.

The model comprises the Squadron badge flanked by a Bristol Boxkite, representing aircraft of the 1912 era, and the Typhoon FGR4 currently operated by the Squadron. The base size is approximately 33cm x 12cm. The aircraft wingspans are approximately 10cm.

You are invited to complete the order by clicking here  and submit it directly to Vic Lorriman at the address below. Cost: UK:  £110.00 Including delivery. Overseas: £110.00 + delivery at cost.  One order pro-forma per model.
Please note that Vic Lorriman is acting as the order co-ordinator between the Squadron, the Association and the manufacturer (Skytrex Ltd).  He has neither the authority nor the facilities to process Debit / Credit card charges, these will be dealt with only by the accounts department of Skytrex Ltd.
The only record kept will be the name of the purchaser and the allocated model serial number.

Webmasters note – I am now the proud owner of one of these models well worth the money.